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Specific conditions of Blog on Brands platform

On these conditions an acceptance

This document sets out the specific conditions governing the service provided by Bogonbrands through the website belonging to Barking Blogs S. Coop. Pequeña, established in JF Gilisagasti 2, PIA eraikina, 109. Bulegoa. 20018 - Donostia and provided with F-75070144.

This document is a legal contract between the user of the platform and Barking Blogs S. Coop. Pequeña. Acceptance of the terms and conditions herein contemplated entitles de user to participate in Blogonbrands.

The user understands that the information contained in this document about the specifications of the services provided, and to the general conditions of contract, are enough and sufficient to exclude error in the formation of consent. However, Blogonbrands undertakes to notify the user about any technical specification of the services provided, and legal information concerning the contractual relationship, on first demand by any verifiable means.

Definitions: For the purposes of this document

Blogonbrands: Is the medium or platform created by Barking Blogs, to connect and mediate between brands and bloggers.

Blogger: Is the user previously registered on the website, who is interested in participating in campaigns proposed by brands through the platform and, those subsequently will participate in certain promotions or activities detailed in each campaign by the brand.

Brand: Is the advertiser, which after the registration and payment through the platform, publishes the campaign and in whose interest is the promotion is performed.

Campaign: Is the activity to promote among its recipients directly or indirectly a product or service for commercial or informational purposes.

Description of the service: 
The platform is a mediation service developed by Barking Blogs for brands and advertisers interested in obtaining the promotion and dissemination of certain campaigns through active participation of bloggers registered on the platform.

Purpose of the service: The purpose of the service is the mediation between brands that hire the services of Blogonbrands for publishing campaigns and acces to the bloggers’ profile, and bloggers who are registered to participate in active campaigns and meet the requirements set by the advertisers. At all times the payments made by the brands to the platform are for publishing campaign ,considering that there is no other relationship established but the mediation between brands and bloggers.

Need to register: Both brands as bloggers must register to participate in the BlogonBrands platform, giving necessary information for the proper management and administration of the service and accepting the Specific Conditions and the Privacy Policy. To become a registered user must be of age and be legally able to give consent.

The data entered by the user must be accurate, current and truthful. The registered user will be responsible at all times for the accuracy and custody of their access data, thus assuming any damages arising from inaccuracy, misuse, as well as the transfer, disclosure or loss.

For the proper register on the platform bloggers must allow the and expressly consents BlogonBrands to access their accounts on the social network or networks in question, as well as the data in GoogleAnalytics to be able to show to the brands the statistics and dissemination of campaigns. The blogger should also be aware that their personal data may be disclosed to the companies that advertise their campaigns in order to accomplish the evaluation of bloggers who are interested.

In no case the data will be transferred to other companies by Blogonbrands without the express consent of the blogger.

Blogonbrands reserves the exclusive right to reject any application.


Purpose: The purpose of the campaign is to promote a particular product or service offered by a brand. For publishing the campaign, brands, once registered on the platform, made a single payment of 150 € (taxes not included) to BlogonBrands. In addition, to view the profiles of bloggers and accept the applications the brand that publishes the campaign will make a payment of 25 € (taxes not included).

Participation: To participate in a campaign blogger must be registered in the platform. Once the registration is completed, bloggers can access a web space provided by the platform on which they can keep track of the campaigns in which they can participate, those in which they have participated, and those in which they have been accepted. Blogger can also configure their profile, the same that brands will access to validate candidates.

Voluntariness: The registration of the bloggers in the platform does not mean that they must participate in any campaign. Participation in any campaign always is voluntary for the user of the platform. The application for a campaign implies acceptance of the conditions set by the brand (by way of example, to attend the event / hotel / restaurant, write the number of reviews / posts established, include the corresponding links, etc.). Breach of the conditions may result in the suspension of the account both for bloggers and brands.

Duration: All campaigns have a duration of 30 days for bloggers to apply, after which the brand will have 7 calendar days to accept the bloggers among those who have submitted applications. Bloggers may unsubscribe from the campaigns.

At all times the platform shows the campaigns that are active and the duration refers to the publication and in no case to the conditions, thereof the hotel stays, product testing etc referred by the campaigns will be made in the manner provided by advertisers, agreed with bloggers and for the periods set by them the brands.

If there was any error, brands can change the conditions of the campaigns once published. Any change is immediately communicated to bloggers who applied, being able to unsuscribe or unnaply.

Acceptance: Once the publication period of the campaign has expired, and bloggers have presented their applications, and have been validated by the brand, the platform will display the contact information to both of them for the appropriate conduct of the actions related to the campaign publicized through Blogonbrands.

Payment: For the payment of amounts under this conditions, brands may use the services of Paymill ( or bank transfer, or check made. In no case, all expenses incurred by the use of any of these forms of payment will be paid by the users.

Correct use of the platform: Users agree to use the Platform in accordance with the law, morality and generally accepted good practices and public order, and to refrain from using it for purposes that are illegal, prohibited in the present term and conditions, detrimental to the rights and interests of others, or that in any way damage, disable, overburden, or impair the service, the computers of other users or other Internet users (hardware and software) as well as documents, files and all kinds of content stored on their computers (hacking), or against the normal use or enjoyment of the Platform, computer equipment or documents, files and content from other users and other Internet users.

For this purpose, users agree not to transmit, insert, disseminate or make available to third parties any material and information (data, content, messages, pictures, audio and video files, photographs, software, etc..) that are contrary to law, morality, public order and this Terms.

Users are obliged to exonerate BlogonBrands, to any possible claim, fine, penalty or penalties that may come forced to endure as a result of breach by user of any of the usage rules outlined above, reserving also BlogonBrands, the right to seek compensation for damages and losses as appropriate.

BlogonBrands, reserves the right to cancel the account and registering of users who make inappropriate use of it or do not respect the comments and prohibitions provided by this Conditions.

Contents and linked services: Publishing campaigns and the activity of the users includes technical linking devices that allow access to other websites and online portals (henceforth "Linked Sites"). In these cases, BlogonBrands, always acts as intermediary service provider in accordance with Article 17 of Law 32/2002, of July 11, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and will only be responsible for the contents and services supplied on the Linked Sites to when is fully awared of their illegality and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. In the event that the user considers a Linked Website unlawful or inappropriate content may notify BlogonBrands by any reliable means, but under no circumstances the notice will entail obligation to remove the link.

In no case, the existence of Linked Websites correspond to the existence of agreements with the managers or owners of third party sites, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of BlogonBrands, with demonstrations, contents or services provided.

BlogonBrands is not required to know in advance the content and services of the Linked Websites and is therefore not responsible for damage caused by the unlawfulness, quality, update failure, unavailability, error or uselessness of the content and / or services of the Linked Sites or for any other damage that is not directly attributable to BlogonBrands.

Exclusion of warranties and liability

Blogonbrands does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the platform. When reasonably possible, Blogonbrands will notice of any interruption in the operation of the platform. Blogonbrands does not guarantee its infallibility and, in particular, that users can effectively use the platform or access it.

Blogonbrands excludes any liability for fraudulent use that users may have attributed to the platform, to the reliability of it and in particular the failure to access to the various websites of the platform or those from which services are performed for reasons not attributable directly to Blogonbrands.

Blog on Brands is not responsible for inappropriate use of the platform by bloggers and brands. The service offered by Blog on Brands ends at the time when the blogger and the brand receive the contact details. Every further relationship is responsible for both.

Blog on Brands merely to connect brands with bloggers and vice versa, providing an effective tool that allows to one and another to decide who they want to contact with.

Once the system has put the parties together, it is their responsibility to make a success of such relationships. BlogonBrands is not responsible for subsequent unforeseen.

The duties and responsibilities of Blogonbrands are limited solely and specifically to the implementation of the platform, the publication of the corresponding campaigns and mediation for hiring between brands and bloggers.

Both the bloggers and the brands are committed to complying with the conditions of each campaign. However the platform provides the tools needed to solve unforeseen arising.

The publication of a campaign by the brand, and the presentation of candidacy by a blogger in a campaign means the advertisement of offers and the tconsent of both parties, generating corresponding relations between the two parties and excluding Blogonbrands about all liability for breach of any of the parties to the terms of the campaign.

User acknowledges that Blogonbrands may at any time modify these Terms. If the user continues to participate in the platform or in any campaign after having been notified of such changes shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms. If user does not accept the changes, may terminate the Contract as described in the following clause, and it’s not applicable for any penalty.

Duration and termination

This agreement shall enter into force from the date on which the user is registered on the platform by sending the registration request and will be, in principle, indefinitely. However, Blogonbrands, is authorized to terminate or suspend the service at any time. When reasonably possible, Blogonbrands, with a prior notice of 30 days later than the termination of the Service, will notify the users without further requirement than publication in

In addition to the causes of the cancellation of the registration of a user detailed in these Conditions Blogonbrands may unilaterally terminate this contract for breach of these Terms by any user. This decision will be communicated to the email address of the user.

Similarly, the user is granted the power to unsubscribe at any time from the platform.

Assigment policy

Responsible: The personal data provided by users in the registration process will be handled solely by Barking Blogs S. Coop. Pequeña, to manage and administer the campaigns and the activity of the users of the platform and always under the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data. Blogonbrands informs the users of the platform that there is an automated file of personal data under Barking Blogs responsibility.

This file is properly registered in the name of the responsible person in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. The official website has adopted the technical and security measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access of personal data, taking into consideration the current state of technology, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and Part VIII of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December and applicable regulations.

Purpose: The purpose of this file is to manage the access of the user to the platform, provide full access to the services provided and send, if any, regular updates or news, products and activities that relate to Blogonbrands, as well as sending notifications or any information that Blogonbrands, needs to communicate to users and, in particular, if they occur, information about changes in this privacy policy or terms of use.

The completion of the forms included in the Platform involves express consent of the user to the inclusion of their personal data on the automated file of the resonsible of the platform.

In the case of including personal data relating to individuals other than those detailed in the registration form shall, prior to their inclusion, inform them of the contents in this privacy policy, and in particular, must be able to certify that it has the consent to facilitate this data to Blogonbrands.

Bloggers agree that their personal data and information published on their profiles is transferred through the platform to advertisers brands to validate the campaigns and check the performance of the same. Also, once validated by the brand, the will provide the necessary information so they can contact each other.

User Rights: The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition communicating with the responsible of the automated file, JF Gilisagasti 2, PIA eraikina, 109. Bulegoa. 20018 - Donostia.

Industrial and intellectual property

All contents included in Blogonbrands and in the platform, this includes, without limitation and and for example, text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound, graphic design and source code, are property of Blogonbrands or others and no one of the rights of operation recognized by the current legislation on intellectual property are transferred to the user.

The trademarks, trade names or logos are owned by Barking Blogs S. Coop. Pequeña or third parties and may not be construed that access to the website and the platform gives the user the right to use them.

Law and jurisdiction

Except as provided in the applicable law, this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa province, with respect to any dispute or matter arising out of this Agreement.