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Now, more than ever, when everyone is on social networks, your blog is what makes you different. Bloggers are expert prescribers to diverse topics.


Your independence makes you influential. If you lose your impartiality, you lose your credibility. Independence is not at odds with politeness, however. ;)


Create a complete profile with your interests and the topics you write about on your blog. Upload your press kit and show updated statistics. Brands will now be able to see you better.


You have all the power. You decide which brand you are interested in having a conversation with. You won't be pestered with spam and weird proposals.


Content is King. Generate reliable and quality content. Live experiences firsthand, test out cool stuff and write about them on your blog. People want to know.


Free access to products and services of brands you like most. Get invited to events, try out new products and live great and exclusive experiences.



We offer a smart tool enabling you to manage relationships between bloggers and brands. Manage your contacts, and select the profiles that best fit your needs. There is a brand for every blog, and a blog for every brand.


Emerging brands have the desire to make themselves known. We promote the diffusion of new products and services as well as those wishing to improve themselves. We generate the conversations.


A message in the wrong direction is useless. Segment your message by topic, language, visits, location, category... Reach your potential audience more efficiently.


Get access to certified data regarding traffic and social influence of the blogs. All the data collected in the blog profile is reliably obtained through authentification by reputable third party applications.


Monitorize results of your campaigns by tracking conversations generated on social networks and blogs. Discover which search terms your customers use to get to know your brand, and where is it being searched for.


Generate detailed reports about your campaigns and their results. Print and add them to the campaign dossiers. Well-organized data will help you make the right decisions. Analyze and realize.

Our service


We believe in the Cluetrain Manifesto: Markets are conversations. The Internet enables conversations between us that were not possible in the era of mass media. People in networked markets get far better information from one another than from vendors. As a result, markets are getting smarter, more informed, more organized.


An honest opinion is worth so much more than a false one. The service we provide is based on the experience and knowledge of products and services by bloggers. We don't use banners, pop-ups or commercials and don't promote sponsored links or posts. Welcome to the real world.


We believe in good manners, elegance and courtesy. It is almost impossible to please everyone all the time. Nevertheless, it's very difficult for a single product or service to generate negative opinions only. Constructive criticism is good, if it's provided politely. We try to bring out the positive side in everyone and everything.


We believe in product testing as an effective social media branding strategy. We do not believe in the systematic repetition of the same message. That's spam. Conversations between us sound human. They are conducted in a human voices.


Listen to improve. If there is a negative aspect of your product, sooner or later it will come out in social networks. Try to steer and monitor conversations. Become a host and take the lead/initiative. Practice active listening to generate replies. Talk, learn, correct and improve yourself.


Our platform lovingly cares for all aspects of privacy. Bloggers and brands have full control of the information they want to share with each other. We treat your information with the utmost care and present it attractively to whomever you wish.