Blog on Brands

How it works

Do you wonder how does Blog on Brands work? Either you are a blogger or a brand, we explain it to you.



Screenshot: Sign up

Sign up, verify your blog and complete your profile. In this way, brands will get to know about you.


Screenshot: Application

Apply for campaigns, and test out products and services you like. You decide which campaign is interesting.


Screenshot: Give your opinion

Get fresh content for your blog, write about your experiences and give brands your honest opinion.



Screenshot: Publish a campaign

Publish your campaign in three steps. Bloggers will apply to try out your product or service. Products are shipped and services will be tested on-site.


Screenshot: Blogger stats

Select the bloggers that best fit your needs. Get reliable statistics and measure their social influence.


Screenshot: Conversation around your campaign

Track conversations generated and monitor the traffic and social impact of posts concerning your brand. THAT’S IT!