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For bloggers

  • Independence. Your blog is your territory. In B·on·B we encourage you to freely give your opinion.
  • A spam free service. You choose when do you want to be contacted. You choose what’s interesting.
  • Experience. Free access to products and services of those brands you like most. Get invited to events, try out new products and live great and exclusive experiences.

For brands

  • Expert prescribers/subscribers. Bloggers will give honest opinions which will help you improve your product or service.
  • Campaign management. Publish your perk. Bloggers apply. You choose. Manage your contacts. Be more efficient.
  • Analytics. We generate a complete profile with certified statistics of each blogger. We track posts and show you the data so you can monitor the impact of conversations generated about your brand.

For Blog on Brands

Content is important

Freedom is important

Data is important

Politeness is important

This is our philosophy